Looking Forward to the New Year

What an incredible year 2017 has been! The Lord has blessed us immensely, enabling The Hope Factory (Kiwanda Cha Tumaini) to continue to serve the disadvantaged and orphaned children in our community in Western Kenya, and to train pastors who are hungry for The Word.

Lessons - Framed.jpg

Our teachers at Kiwanda Cha Tumaini Christian Academy continue to work hard every day during the school terms, and then go back to school themselves during the breaks to become even better teachers.


Here are just a few of our students and teachers!Group Picture.JPG

Our own Pastor Peter Wamwangi of the community church we planted, Tumaini (Hope) Chapel, attends The Hope of Africa School of Theology, the training center we established in August 2016, where we provide gifted and anointed teachers to equip pastors to effectively share the Good News with their congregations.

THE HOPE OF AFRICA SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY – December 2017Framed Group Picture.JPG

Peter grew up in our midst as the natural spiritual leader of our little flock, and has followed God’s call on his life to become a pastor, while working hard every day to provide for his wife, Carolyne, and daughter, Susan.
Peter & Susan 2 - March 2017.jpg

Our Kenyan loved ones have continued to work toward becoming self-sufficient, planting and harvesting maize and beans to feed the children and staff. We are challenged by our limited space and continue to pray for land of our own where we can put down roots, literally and figuratively.

Planting Collage

The struggles during this election year in Kenya have been mind-boggling. The price of food has escalated; travel has been next to impossible, resulting in food supply lines being cut off; businesses (including our clinic and pharmacy) have had to close down temporarily because of the political situation. Still, Moses has been able to reopen and keep Kiwanda Cha Tumaini Medical Center in operation, in spite of all the strife.



We are praying, as we enter 2018, that the Lord will touch the hearts of new financial partners to come along-side us as we work to fulfill the Great Commission. There are so many things that He has called us to do, but we can’t do it alone. We are, in fact, on the very brink of securing a piece of land where Kiwanda Cha Tumaini can flourish and grow. Please consider joining us through your giving, or going with us as we labor in the field. You can give through PayPal on this site. Just click on the ‘How to Help’ tab.

Mungu akubariki sana! (God bless you BIG!)

M.C. & John