The Farm – Our ‘Land of Promise’

In August 2018, after years of searching, we found a beautiful and fertile piece of land on the River Nzoia outside of Mumias in Western Kenya.

The land had lain fallow for eight years, but we jumped right in to plow and plant. Our first harvest was fairly decent for the short rainy season, but we persevered, building a fence to keep the hippos and neighbors from scavenging the fruit of our labors.

By the time our second growing season came around, we were able to harvest tons of maize that will feed our school children and staff for the next year, with plenty left over to sell!

We have dreams of building a missionary house on our land, with the School of Theology facility upstairs. For now, these dreams exist only in sketches on the back of a crossword puzzle!

Drawing of Building

One day, this water tower will serve our farm and the surrounding community, but for now, we look forward to 2020 when plans are in place to drill a well! Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)

Water Tower