Clean Water Project

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A group of the poorest people in the area around Ematsayi Mission, outside of Kakamega in Western Kenya, had a history of water borne diseases, drawing their water from open rivers and creeks.  They decided to work together as a team, contributing a few shillings each month until they raised the money to drill a 150’ well in 1987.  They accomplished that feat, but have never been able to install a submersible pump or pipes to a storage tank and various access points.

When the overseer of the Mission visited Central Texas in July 2013 and spoke at Cherokee Baptist Church, the children’s hearts were especially touched by the plight of the children of Ematsayi.

Copy of Western Kenya 139

They understood the need for clean water, and when they saw the pictures of children their own age, carrying water for their families, they sprang into action.

5These are just a few of the precious children who worked very hard, holding several luncheons and raising over $9,000 toward the completion of the well at Ematsayi!

CollageThe hand pump was replaced by a solar-powered pump. Water is now delivered to two large storage tanks and several distribution points on the mission grounds. Work is underway to extend the water inside the Clinic so that it can be authorized by the Kenyan government as an immunization clinic. God is good!

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