School is out in Kenya, bringing a close to another successful academic year for Kiwanda Cha Tumaini Christian Academy. We started the year with 93 students and ended with 111. This was a miraculous feat, considering the size of our tiny classrooms.

We were blessed, however, at the end of the second term in early August to move into a more spacious facility. We had no idea at the time how God was preparing the way for us, how He was taking care of every detail and protecting us from untold problems.

Kenya’s educational system has been turned upside down as a result of a school collapsing in Nairobi on September 23, 2019, leaving 8 children dead and 64 others injured. This tragedy prompted a nationwide crackdown on building safety, compliance with school registration requirements, and teacher qualifications. The last few weeks of school were marked with numerous health inspections, quality assurance inspections, and scrambling to make sure that all of our records were available for the Ministry of Education to make on-site visits. All we can say at this point is, “Bwana asifiwe!” (Praise the Lord!)

Sadly, all but 7 private schools in our area of Western Kenya were closed down–immediately! These actions have been very unsettling to the children’s educational process, but the result for us is that parents are lined up, wanting to enroll their children in our school! We have been busy during this time, preparing for a dramatic increase in our student population. We have already enrolled quite a few new students and we’re expecting to have many more than we can accommodate show up to vie for the remaining open spaces.

What this means for us is purchasing tons of additional desks and chairs; hiring new teachers as we may have to add a second class in each of the three lowest grades; buying more books; revising the food budget; stocking the kitchen with enough plates, cups and spoons for everyone; hiring an additional helper for our kitchen staff; buying, cutting, and splitting trees for firewood to cook with; making sure we have enough little potties for the youngest children; digging additional pit latrines; etc, etc, etc!

Our teachers continue to spend their breaks, back in college, better equipping themselves to teach and share the love of Christ. We are praying for them, as well as for each of our students. When they are not in school, they are likely going hungry. What a blessing it has been to stand in the gap, seeing God’s provisions flow through us to feed and educate these dear little ones.

If you can, please help by clicking on the ‘How to Help’ tab. We’re on our way toward making the school self-sufficient, but the current situation calls for an immediate investment. God is good, and He will provide, but I guarantee your life will be blessed by your participation in what He’s doing!

Mungu akubariki sana! (God bless you BIG!)