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August 21 001

All over Kenya, pastors like these are craving a deeper knowledge of Scripture.  For several years, this group of pastors came to a Bible College near Kakamega, in Western Kenya, to equip themselves with leadership skills, to learn about evangelism, and more about the Old and New Testaments.  It is the vision of The Hope Factory to offer these precious servants of God, and many others like them, a foundation in systematic theology by founding The Hope of Africa School of Theology.

In August of 2016, we began by bringing gifted teachers from Uganda, Nairobi, Kisumu, Tanzania, Western Kenya, and the United States, to begin to equip pastors with a solid biblical foundation. Many have never had any formal training, and were eager to grow in the Word.

Our first classes were held at Shikomari, outside Kakamega, with approximately 85 in attendance. We had a very intensive week of training, followed by a second school outside of Kilgoris, serving about 65 Maasai pastors.

Class - Shikomari

Kilgoris Group Picture

Our initial plan was to return in April for the next classes, but the pastors were begging for something sooner. Consequently, Phase 2 is planned for the last week of November 2016.

We had several days of strategic planning in Busia, Uganda, in September with the pastors and professors who will be coordinating our Certificate, Advanced Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs. As with every facet of the vision for Kiwanda Cha Tumaini, we stand amazed in the presence of a Mighty God who is at work among us.

Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)

Please pray with us as we take this giant leap of faith, trusting that we will find land and funding to establish The Hope of Africa School of Theology in a permanent location!

3 comments on “The Hope of Africa School of Theology

  1. David Cheni says:

    Cant wait to be a part of this unfolding miracle of intensive training. The Church in Africa and all over the world is sick as we are on fire fire messages , prosperity and superstar preachers! how many times do we need to lie to be called lairs! how many times do we need to steal to be called thieves! just once. we have cheated and lied for so many years. time has come when we need sound doctrine. i support the school

  2. Etiang Hamisi says:

    First and foremost, I am very grateful and appreciative to be part of this sharing of biblical truth with lecturers and fellow students to deepen and sharpen our ministries on our values of eternity at the Hope of Africa School of Theology in Shikomari – Kakamega, Kenya.

    One of the resounding problems in Uganda is the lack of education. Pastors and leaders of local churches are not exempt from this problem. Many people, including pastors and church leaders do not have a high school education.

    Most pastors and leaders do not own copy of Bible and will often repeat teachings heard on the radio whereby the radio teachings are based on Visions and Dreams NOT the Word of God! Prideful “SUPER STAR” teachers of false doctrine sound boastful while promoting “Prosperity Theology” which advocates a “Gospel” of health, wealth and prosperity as being guaranteed to the believer by virtue of atonement – it is simple to be claimed by faith, for no Christian should be poor or sick.

    As a Muslim convert, I am encouraging Christians all over the world to return to the Bible as absolute authority. We also need to focus attention, energy and resources on fulfilling the Great Commission as a primary purpose in order to obey and glorify God as we put emphasis on evangelism and discipleship.

    Excuse me, focus on Spiritual NOT Numerical growth and get rid of prideful “SUPER STAR” teachers of false doctrine who sound boastful while promoting Prosperity Theology among other things.

    Bwana awabariki! (The Lord Bless You!)

    I and my wife Celine Akinyi are praying for you as you take this giant leap of faith,this Vision is God sized, NOT human sized!

  3. Simon wanjala simiyu says:

    Is good and God bless the program. Even me have joined and ready to learn and preaching the word of God.

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