The Hope of Africa School of Theology

Our training center for pastors and church leaders has joined hands with an established seminary in Bumala, Kenya, under the leadership of Pastor Eric Ngala Mutumbi. With his help, our students who have been attending The Hope of Africa School of Theology since its founding in August 2016 will be eligible for inclusion in the next graduating class from Bumala, earning diplomas from MINTS International Seminary in Miami, Florida.

Pastor Eric will be working closely with our instructors, Dr. Reuben Ngume from Mombasa, and Pastor Michael Maura from Nairobi. Together, they will teach, coordinate our curriculum and lead us into the future.

God’s hand in placing Pastor Eric in our lives cannot be missed! He comes to us from a background as a Technical Advisor at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. He has already proven himself invaluable in this area of expertise as he has brought other agricultural experts on board to help us as we seek to develop our farm in Mumias, Kenya.

Eric’s passion for God and for His Kingdom are evident in his tireless efforts to train pastors with not only a solid, biblical education, but also with vocational training in farm practices. Somehow, he finds the time and energy to reach out to those in need in flood-ravaged and poverty-stricken areas of Kenya, delivering help and hope.