Grace Fellowship Church

Soon after settling in Western Kenya in 2014, we founded our first church, Tumaini Chapel. It seemed like the perfect name — Hope Chapel, as our only HOPE is in Jesus Christ. As it turned out, the term ‘Chapel’ is associated in some way in this region with witchcraft. Who knew? As we have made our way through moving from our original location at Shikomari to two different locations in Shibuli; through a year of shutdowns due to COVID-19; through attacks of the enemy, trying to destroy our work in this area, we have renamed the church and reorganized the structure of Kiwanda Cha Tumaini as follows:

God has blessed this community through the passionate preaching of our pastor, Peter Wamwangi. He is truly a humble servant who understands the vision that God has given us for reaching the disadvantaged and hopeless children and the community at large here in Kenya. His sermons, delivered in a mixture of Swahili, Kikuyu, and English are totally understandable because of his animated delivery. What a blessing he is!