Farewell, Kenya – Hello, Texas!


The heart-wrenching experience of leaving our precious friends and loved ones in Kenya was eased at the sight of the greatest blessing in our lives – our children and grandchildren.  From the airport, we made a bee-line to Rudy’s Barbeque, which let us know without a doubt that we were back home in Texas!

Two months flew by, and there is no way to describe the heart connections we made while we were there.  Words fail us.  It’s a supernatural thing – that oneness of Spirit that only God can produce between people from different continents, different social and economic backgrounds, different cultures.

It’s a Kenyan thing to call one’s elders ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa.’  That took some getting used to, but I can honestly say that the people we met have become like children and grandchildren to us.  Saying ‘goodbye’ was like leaving a family member behind.

Goodbye to Michael Maura, the most precious, Spirit-filled pastor who ministers to the children and teachers at our school.  His faithful devotion, leading Friday afternoon Bible studies, ladies’ fellowships, and the church that many of these people attend (Bethesda Baptist), inspires and encourages me.  His kind, gentle manner and his brotherly friendship with our Director have endeared him to us.

Goodbye to Erick and John, and to all the other teachers and staff.  We love you all, and pray that we will see you again soon.  Thank you for your hard work and selfless devotion.  You are truly world changers!

Farewell, Javan!  What an unexpected blessing you brought into our lives by inviting us to Ematsayi Mission in Western Kenya!  Your infectious smile has indelibly imprinted itself upon our memories.  How we pray for the opportunity to return and minister to all the wonderful people we met out there.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you do for everyone who comes into your life.

Farewell, Absalom, Alfred and Stanley, and all the other precious pastors we met at Ematsayi. May God continue to bless you and use you for His glory!

We continue to pray for the Lord’s leading as we decide when we will return to Kenya.  This time last year, we had no idea we would be going.  In fact, we hadn’t even made contact with anyone in Kenya at that point.  It’s exciting we see what God has in store for us as we follow His lead in our lives!

Blessings to you all!

Mary Catherine

One comment on “Farewell, Kenya – Hello, Texas!

  1. absalom tadayo says:

    Your words echos and a ray of hope is seen.what a blessing to have a people in the heart of God who are called to minister the love of God across continental,cultural and racial boundaries.You are a true mentor,for the time we spend together I saw the fathers heart in you.The heart of hope. I will live to cherish the encouragement and the heart I saw in you.Wen you send us farewell,Its like your coming back is not settled.But inside your heart,I see you come soon to begin doing what God placed on your heart. Missing you and your Love mom.always longing to meet and even spent time with you together. I love You.Amen!!!!!!!!!!! Absalom.


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