One Hundred Days . . . and Counting!

From the moment we first set foot on Kenyan soil last summer, the land and its residents captured a part of our hearts, and when we left there, part of us remained, planted forever in that captivating country.  Now, all we can say is, “Come on, August 1st!”  We will be returning to Kenya, and today marks the 100-day countdown!

This time, we’re longing to see people we love.  Last time, we were walking into an unknown. This time, we know what to expect. We know about the terrible traffic jams in Nairobi; we know about the fragrant fumes from open sewage in the slums; we know about the Texas-sized potholes in the dirt streets, and the Maasai, herding their cattle home in 5:00 o’clock traffic.  We also know that almost every meal will consist of rice and beans, of chapati, ugali, and sukuma wiki.

But we also know the beautiful children, and their sweet, endearing hugs.

Kenya 560

July 11 195

M.C. & Shallat

Kenya 526

kenya pics! ;) 841

We know the loving, caring teachers and staff at our school.

August 7 016

August 7 021

August 7 006

Carren 2

Farewell - Teachers

We know and cherish a handful of precious pastors from across Kenya.


M.C. & Absalom

Farewell Michael

Stanley Shitandi

Kenya 393

Kenya 477

And the wonderful medical personnel at the Clinic at Ematsayi in Western Kenya.


C.H., Jane, Phanice & Husband

There are so many others whose faces we long to see.


John Barrett - 'JB' Cropped

Tabitha, M.C., Jane & Kathy



Kenya 505

Kenya 056


July 24 019

I started this post with the intention of telling all about the plans we have for our upcoming trip.  (Did I mention that it’s only ONE HUNDRED DAYS ’til we leave?)  Instead, I have spent the entire day, overwhelmed with emotion, looking back through pictures of these amazing people we love so dearly.  Perhaps tomorrow I will tell you of our exciting plans!

Mungu akubariki!  (God bless you!)

Mary Catherine

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