Classroom Prep

This gives a whole new meaning to working on your classroom, getting it ready for the new school year!

Mud Repair 1


Mud Repair 2

Our teachers and staff are hard-working and totally devoted to serving the children in this community of Western Kenya as we prepare to open Kiwanda Cha Tumaini Christian Academy next week.

Mud Repair 3

Mud Repair 4

After smearing fresh mud on the cracked mud walls and attempting to repair the thatched ceiling, they covered the floors with fresh cow dung. The cow dung prevents “jiggers” from coming up through the dirt and burrowing into the feet of the children. This is a very common, and very painful condition, which necessitates digging these little “sand fleas” out of the soles of your feet.



Jigger Collage

As we work to protect the children from this common malady, we are trusting God to lead us to the perfect location where we can build a real school building, with real floors and ceilings, and where our teachers can live with their families, without the constant threat of malaria. This will require screens on the windows, which is almost unheard of. Pray with us as we move toward this vision, serving our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Barikiwa sana! (Be blessed so much!)

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