“Entrust these to faithful men . . .”


The Apostle Paul, in his second letter to the young disciple, Timothy, says, “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

We are blessed that God provided faithful men to whom we could entrust the teaching in The Hope of Africa School of Theology. Not only can we not be in East Africa as often as the dear pastors, hungry for God’s Word, are wanting to come for training, we are convinced that indigenous teachers can better reach and teach their own countrymen. The amazing thing is that we didn’t even have to go looking for these faithful men; God brought them to us, as soon as we opened the doors of the school in August.

Pastor David Cheni and Professor Simeon Anyango are off and running with this vision, and have just completed the second term of classes. While they carry on in Kenya, I am busy in Texas, trying to obtain funding to buy the land and build the buildings for our permanent home.


We are thankful for the rented building that houses Kiwanda Cha Tumaini Christian Academy during the regular Kenyan school terms, and doubles as the venue for The Hope of Africa School of Theology during school breaks. However, we are limited in space, and there is no ceiling. When the sun hits the metal roof overhead, the building becomes an oven. What a beautiful setting, though, when the weather permits the classes to move outside.


We will always remember these humble beginnings, with mattresses strewn here and there in every nook and cranny; pastors taking exams inside and out; breakfast, tea time, lunch and dinner served by our great kitchen staff.




God is good! All the time! We are looking forward to welcoming the pastors back in April 2017!

Barikiwa sana! (Be blessed so much!)


One comment on ““Entrust these to faithful men . . .”

  1. Etiang Hamisi says:

    It was so nice to be part of this humble history.

    God bless the people who raised and donated funds to buy medicines which were handy when I needed them due to the stomach upset among others who fell sick at that time.

    Best and God bless you all!

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