The Hope of Africa


After a two-year hiatus, brought about by Covid and other nightmares, our pastor training has resumed as The Hope of Africa School of Theology convened on December 1 for a 10-day, very intense time of teaching. Our gifted professors, Dr. Reuben Ngume and Pastor Michael Maura have been joined by Pastor Abraham Kogo, the national coordinator of MINTS (Miama Theological Seminary), and our devoted Principal of the seminary in Bumala, Kenya, Pastor Eric Ngala Mutumbi. These able men are godly servants, laying down their lives to teach Christ alone. That is to say, salvation is God determined, God purchased, God applied, and God secured. From start to finish, salvation is of the Lord alone. Bwana asifiwe! (Praise the Lord!)

2 comments on “The Hope of Africa


    O Heavenly Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ did command His disciples to proclaim the glad tidings of Your saving love e all mankind: pour out Your Holy Spirit, we beseech You on all who we now training for the Ministry of Your Church; make us to be modest, humble, and constant in our labours, and to have a ready will to obey all spiritual disciplines; that we may become faithful ministers of Your Word and ordinances; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


    Dear Mary Catherine,
    On behalf of the entire students in Hope of Africa School of Theology, I would like to sincerely thank CHEROKEE BAPTIST CHURCH for their generous gift of the Reformation Study Bible to the Hope of Africa School of Theology pioneer students. We are so lucky to have your support. Through their donation, we can continue to work towards Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, and Teaching Christ and Christ Alone while securing the future of the Ministry of God’s Church.

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