Africa Calling!


Chui Lodge 246

It’s always so exciting when we start our countdown for Kenya. I couldn’t believe it when we dropped below 50 days this week. That’s right! Only 48 days and counting!

Pastel Background - 48

John and I will spend two months there in August and September, and almost every day is already filled in on our calendar of activities. We are so excited that the focus of this trip is opening our new Hope of Africa School of Theology. We have over 200 pastors already signed up, and enrollment is still open.

Our first intensive, week-long class will include some world-class teachers, coming in from Uganda (Pastor David Cheni), Nairobi (Pastor Michael Maura), Butere (Pastor Enoch Ambokah), Busia (Michael Wambetsa), and Kakamega (Stanley Shitandi). John and I will get our two-cents worth in, as well. He will be teaching on The Judgment Seat of Christ, based on the book by that name, written by my phenomenal professor from Liberty University School of Divinity, Dr. Sam Hoyt. Sam trains pastors all over the world, along with his adorable wife, Elaine. As hard as I’ve tried, I haven’t been successful in getting his nose in the gate to go with us. He is scheduled out for something like five years, teaching in Uruguay, Moscow, India, Austria – you name it!!!

The Judgment Seat of Christ


After our first session at Shikomari, near Kakamega, we will travel down near Maasai Mara and teach another week-long class to 50 pastors there. We also have our very first opportunity to minister in Uganda, and will be crossing over with Pastor Cheni, speaking in his pastor training school.

I am totally in awe, as I stand and watch all of this happening around me. I can’t believe that God has chosen me to be part of this. What a privilege to serve such a mighty and awesome God!

Back to Sam and Elaine . . . John and I took the most amazing trip over to Lynchburg, Virginia in May for my graduation ceremony. We started The Hope Factory after I had begun working on my Master’s in Theology at Liberty. Consequently, it took me five years to complete my degree, but I did it!!! I’m so happy!!!

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John thought he was going to be happy too, when I finally got my nose out of the books, but I had five years’ worth of projects built up for us to work on. Ha! His hiney has been dragging! He’s now asking when I’m going to start on my PhD!

On the way home from Virginia, we stopped near Atlanta and spent a couple of days with Sam & Elaine. This was the first time any of us had laid eyes on one other, but it was like we had been friends forever. I knew, way back in 2012 when I took his Systematic Theology course, that our families had a lot in common. We’re almost the same age. Sam has hunted all over the world, and has a trophy room to die for! Elaine has her own share of trophies, as well. We each have three grown, married children, and at the time, John and I were ahead, 5-to-3, on grandchildren. They have raced to catch up, and are now ahead, 8-to-5. They just welcomed the newest addition last week.

Sam & Elaine 2

We praise God for the innumerable ways He has blessed us, and our hearts’ desire is to bring honor and glory to His Name – the Name that is above all names.

Barikiwa sana! (Be blessed so much!)


Mary Catherine Holley