Dorcas Indeche

DorcasDorcas, the  sweet-spirited Matron at Valley of Truth, serves selflessly in any way she can, whether it is helping Chef Grace with the food preparation, cleaning, or assisting with the children.

This is a picture of Dorcas with her husband Erick, and their five children.Erick, Dorcas and their kids

I suspected when we visited Kenya the first time in the Summer of 2012, that Dorcas might be expecting again.  No one, including Dorcas, thought so.  However, when I returned in January 0f 2013, the baby she was (in fact) carrying, had been born while I was in flight, on my way to Nairobi.  Baby John Alexander Holley Indeche arrived on January 19th.  What an incredible honor and blessing to have him named after their beloved Papa John!

Kenya 526

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