Modester Anunda

Modester 1Modester, Nixon’s lovely wife, has taught the children at Valley of Truth since the first day the school opened.  Along with two of her sisters, they gave of their time and their talents, without pay, to insure that the impoverished children in the slums of Nairobi would have a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty by receiving an education. They put in long hours every day, not only teaching, but also cooking the meals and feeding the children, washing scores of little hands multiple times each day.

Modester continues to teach in some of the classes, but acts as the school’s Administrator. For years, she went out every week to purchase the food, traveling many miles by matatu, piki-piki, taxi, or on foot, bringing the food back to the school on a rented cart. At long last, she has staff members whom she supervises, who can purchase and prepare the food.

She is a gifted and loving Child of God, serving Him with every ounce of her energy!

Nixon & Modester 2

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