God Moves at Warp Speed!

When God moves, and you’re onboard with Him, you had better be ready to boogie!

Things are moving at lightning speed with The Hope Factory. We have a plane load of new curriculum boxed up for Kiwanda Cha Tumaini Academy. Our teachers have the school running smoothly, and are ready to integrate the new material into the required Kenyan curriculum.

New Curriculum

Our faithful supporters have helped us raise enough funds for, not one, but TWO milk cows. This will not only provide milk for all our families and the school children, but will also begin to provide some income for our little community.


The garden is tilled and we’re looking forward to a great harvest!

I would love to share with you all the exciting things that are getting ready to happen, but it would spoil my surprises for everyone on the ground in Kenya.  All I can say is, “Stay tuned!!” This is gonna blow your hair back!!!

As the children is Kenya say, “God is good! All the time! That is His nature!”

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