We’re Growing By Leaps & Bounds!

Our heads are spinning from the way God has poured his blessings out on our work here in Kenya. The Hope Factory (Kiwanda Cha Tumaini) is doubly blessed by having joined hands with two amazing people, Rev. Ernest Okhonya, Bishop of The Fellowship of Christ Ministry International, and Medical Missionary Billie Barrett.



Our vision for a self-sustaining orphan community, including schools, clinic, church, Bible College, small orphan cottages, farm, dairy and poultry operations, greenhouses and tilapia pond, is so similar to theirs that it’s spooky. We are working in the same area of Kakamega County, and joining our ministries is a perfect fit.Site Plan

We announced the plan to everyone involved on Saturday, March 21st, and the excitement was overwhelming. Billie and Ernest have just completed construction of a new clinic, and we have the doctor, Moses Makokha.

Clinic - Cropped

They have available buildings, and we have our school established. When we move, we will take the school children who do not belong to our own teachers, and they will board with us during the week. The teachers will move to their own separate housing on April 4, as soon as school lets out for the month-long break. This arrangement has unexpectedly put us in a position to move forward with the plans for our orphanage! The paperwork is complete; all that remains is for the government to inspect our homes, and we have a government official from that Ministry on our Board of Directors. His name is Jared Atsiaya. This precious man sent me a formal request recently, asking permission to call me Mum, as he lost his mother many years ago. He has five adorable daughters, so the number of our grandchildren is growing exponentially!

Jared - Cropped

Moving the teachers from Nairobi to Kakamega was an unexpected, but wonderful gift from God, kick-starting our plans for a school out here by at least a year. Joining Billie & Ernest has provided the clinic we thought would be several years down the road; and beginning the orphanage is so far ahead of our projections that I can’t even calculate it. Faster than we ever imagined, God is putting all the pieces in place for every element of this vision.

We have made providential contacts with dairy cow experts, and we’re meeting with the foremost tilapia farm expert in the country in a week or so. There is a two-acre plot of land available next to the clinic for only $5,000, and we are certain that it is God who is orchestrating all of this, so I know that He will work in the hearts of His people to provide all that we need to accomplish His purposes. Another six or seven acres may become available right across the road, a perfect location for the permanent school and well.

I will be coming back to Kenya in August to speak for four days at The Fellowship of Christ annual women’s conference. At that time, we will be establishing our Bible College to train pastors in this region. When I return to the States at the end of April, I will begin a dialogue with some of my professors at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary to see about setting up a certification program for the participants. We are praying for our ‘Texas Pastor’ to come in August, but if not then, perhaps next April. Please pray for doors to open for him!

Barikiwa sana!  (Be blessed so much!)



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